Hello blog fans, 

I'd like to apologise to anyone who has bookmarked this page, eager to read about my latest adventures in treasury, finance and freelance writing... my poor old blog has tended to take a back seat to the paid work projects and, let's be honest here, life in general. The fact this is the first post in over a year is testament to that. Over a year! Not sure what that is in digital years, possibly a couple of lifetimes. Poor show, Poole.

However, hopefully this is all about to change. Next week I'm off to the ACT Annual Conference 2013 in Liverpool (which shall henceforth be described as the City of Everton). You'll be familiar with the ACT Annual Conference, as the previous posts to this one were from there last year. I'm hoping to post at least one piece per day from the conference next week, so keep a look out for those. If you're on twitter you can follow every update from the conference at #ACTAC13

Following the ACT conference, if I follow last year's path, this blog will then fall into disrepair for another 12 months... but I really don't want that to happen.

I like having an outlet to waffle on about things that have caught my eye in the transaction banking sphere and beyond. Some of you may remember when, in a previous life, I started writing the blurb at the top of the gtnewsletter. That was a lot of fun, until the powers that be suggested it was becoming a little too much fun and should perhaps just stick to the facts/products we were selling. Now that I'm my own boss, with nothing to sell apart from my own words, I think it is time for the fun to return.

So I'll make you a new deal, blogites. When I return from the City of Everton at the end of next week, and this blog is resplendent with some shiny new posts, I will endeavour to keep it updated with at least one new post per week. I know that doesn't sound like a great amount, but I think you would agree that it marks a considerable step up from the previous 12 months.